Serving the Community of Franklin County, Texas

Cultural Arts in Franklin County, Texas refer to the transformation and collaboration of different forms of art. The term embodies creative thinking and forward development, encompassing the contemporary visual culture of many art forms i.e. visual art, music, theatre, literature, film, dance, etc.


Congratulations to Rhaelyn Reagan, 2018 MVISD graduate, for being the first recipient of the Cole Barker Memorial Scholarship through the Franklin County Arts Alliance. Rhaelyn plans to obtain her Veterinarian Technician license. Rhaelyn is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Reagan.


In 2008 the Franklin County Arts Alliance completed construction on the Musical Art Park as a service to the school and the entire community. The park was made possible with the aid of a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts, the USDA, Economic Development Corporation, donations, and fund-raisers.

Not only does the Musical Art Park provide an avenue for musical expression, but it also serves as a place for recreation, relaxation and musical concerts. Looking for something different to do? You will love this...stop by and play (pun intended) for awhile.

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